What Foods and TCM Can Lower Creatinine in Kidney Failure

What Foods and TCM Can Lower Creatinine in Kidney FailureHigh Creatinine means that more than 50% kidney functions have been lost, diet is one important aspect for controlling high creatinine besides proper medicines and treatments.

Less meat and more vegetables

Creatinine in the blood comes from metabolism of creatine produced by muscle masses and meat products we eat, therefore a vegetarian diet is good for lowering creatinine level.

But patients need to monitor electrolyte level in their blood such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium and avoid eating too much high-potassium and high-phosphorus fruits and vegetables in case of hyperkalaemia and hyperphosphatemia.

Low-protein diets

Low-protein diets is very necessary for renal failure and patients should begin to limit protein intake at the third stage of renal failure. Low-protein foods have a lot of benefits such as lowering creatinine, reducing kidney burden, slowing illness deterioration and protecting kidney functions.

In this regard, fruits and vegetables are also good choice because nearly all vegetables are low-protein but high in vitamins and fibers which are good for renal failure patients.

Low-protein diets along with ketosteril can lower creatinine, alleviate azotemia, metabolic acidosis and other uremic states, reduce protein leakage in urine and improve plasma albumin so as to alleviate discomforts and slow down renal failure progression.

Foods that can help lower creatinine should at the same time have the functions of protecting kidney and slowing down illness progression. Un-sweetened cranberry juice, parsley are all good for kidneys.

Improper foods can further increase creatinine and worsen renal damages. Renal failure with high creatinine should avoid alcohol and tobacco. Smoking and drinking can cause a lot of harms to kidneys and blood vessels. They will make high blood pressure even harder to control, speed up glomerulosclerosis and renal atherosclerosis.

Besides high creatinine, if patients also suffer from edema and high blood pressure, water and salt intake should also be limited.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Lower Creatinine in Kidney Failure

Here, I would like to recommend you Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but is different from the traditional usage. In general, Chinese medicines are taken orally and take a long time to work. However, in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the medicines are micronized into extremely tiny particles, which are more easily absorbed by the kidneys. What’s more, they are not taken orally but they can permeate into lesions directly with some special osmotic devices. By this way, it take effects quickly with few side effects.

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