What Is The Diet,Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) To Improve GFR

What Is The Diet,Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) To Improve GFRDiet to improve GFR and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  to improve GFR. What is the diet,Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  to improve GFR? Increasing GFR effectively means a lot for kidney disease patients and this may indicate they can live far away from dialysis. Diet is an important part for kidney disease patients to improve GFR effectively, but before learning the die to improve GFR, let’s found out what GFR is and how kidney disease cause low GFR.

What is GFR?

GFR is the abbreviation of Glomerular Filtration Rate which is a test used to check how well the kidneys are working. Normally, GFR ranges from 90-120mL/min/1.73m2. And for kidney disease patients, they usually have low GFR.

How does kidney disease cause low GFR?

GFR is a test used to measure how well the kidney function, so fluctuation of GFR is closely related with kidney condition. Kidney is a bean-shaped organ which can help us filter blood. During this process, wastes and nutrition can be separated effectively. Nutritions are finally kept in the body and wastes are discharged successfully with urine. In this way, blood can be purified well. However, for kidney disease patients, kidneys are injured, which makes them unable in filtering all of our body within limited time; so their lab tests always show low GFR level.

What is the diet to improve GFR?

For kidney disease patients, improving kidney condition is the key point to improve GFR. To receive obvious treatment effects, they need to make diet changes, so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

1. Ingest proper protein: With kidney disease in different stages, they need to ingest different amounts of protein everyday and it is generally less than 1gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. However, if they have started dialysis, more protein will be needed as some protein will be removed during dialysis.

2. Low-salt diet: high-salt diet not only elevates blood pressure, but also trigger fluid retention. This is unfavorable for kidney disease patients to get their GFR improved effectively.

3. Low-potassium diet and low-phosphorus diet are necessary if lab tests show elevated potassium level and phosphorus level in blood and this need them to avoid high potassium foods and high phosphorus foods.

4. Make sure to ingest enough calcium everyday. Due to the severe diet limitation, kidney disease patients may fail to ingest enough calcium through foods. In that condition, calcium supplements will be helpful.

5. Proper fluid intake. If you have swelling or edema symptom, you will be asked to reduce fluid intake and exact amount is also based on the specific illness condition.

What is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to improve GFR?

First of all, Diet Therapy is one of the most basic treatments for protecting residual renal function. To reduce impaired kidneys’ burden, patients are suggested to have low-protein diet, low-salt diet, low-potassium diet, low-phosphorus diet and high vitamins’ intake. If you’d like to get an individualized diet plan, you can talk with our Online Doctor directly!

Second, patients should have good life habits. For example, don’t smoke, drink alcohol and stay up! Because these all can worsen illness condition, speeding up progression of kidney disease. Patients are suggested to do some moderate physical exercise like jogging, walking, swimming, Tai Chi, etc.

Last but not least, it is important to receive medical treatments. Many natural therapies in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital have achieved great success in repairing damaged kidney cells and improving renal function from the root, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy, Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Foot Bath, Blood Pollution Therapy and so on.

A scientific diet is very helpful for kidney disease patients to improve their GFR. However, due to the difference of illness condition, it is hard for us to give out an exact food list that is suitable for all the patients, but please do not worry, we offer online service and if you want to know more about diet to improve GFR, you can describe your illness condition to our consultant and our experts will send you the corresponding diet information later on.

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