Is Stem Cell Therapy helpful for all Renal Failure Patients

Is Stem Cell Therapy helpful for all Renal Failure PatientsIs Stem Cell Therapy helpful for all Renal Failure patients? Frankly speaking, this therapy can be used for all renal failure patients. However, stem cell therapy in most hospitals is still not used maturely, so there are some risks during treating renal failure.

How does Stem Cell Therapy treat renal failure?

Stem Cell Therapy focuses on repairing the damaged kidney cells, so it can improve patients’ kidney function level obviously through regenerating new cells to replace the diseased cells.

When stem cells are transplanted into the body, these cells can find the areas where impaired kidneys located with the guidance of cytokines, which are released by impaired kidneys. Then, stem cells will differentiate into specific renal cells, and these new cells replace impaired kidney cells to work.

What are the risks of stem cell therapy?

Although stem cell therapy has no toxicity and rejection reaction, it still has some side effects or risks. For example, there may be a danger of worsening patients’ illness condition, if stem cells grow uncontrolled or don’t differentiate as we expect. Another risk is the stem cell from sheep or other animals that is used to treat human patients. Most of these risks happen due to the irresponsibility of stem cell clinics.

How to reduce the risks of taking stem cell therapy?

For reducing the risks of taking this treatment, the key of the treatment is to choose one specialized hospital to do this therapy, because professional doctors can determine the best type and the number of stem cells used for their patients. Then, patients can get therapeutic effects of this therapy as many as they can.

All in all, choosing professional kidney disease hospital for treatment is essential and important. If you want to know more information about this therapy or have a try about it, you can leave message below or contact ONLINE DOCTOR for free. Best wishes!


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