Can Stem Cell Therapy Restore Kidney Function for Dialysis Patients

Stem Cell Therapy,Dialysis Patients,Improve Kidney FunctionCan Stem Cell Therapy Restore Kidney Function for Dialysis patients? Nowadays stem cell therapy draws more and more people’s attention, because stem cells can be differentiated into specialized cells, including renal cells so as to take place of the dead ones or damaged ones to work.

Can stem cell therapy help dialysis patients restore kidney function?

Long time dialysis will bring a lot of side effects on patients which will increase the damage on kidneys and make the illness condition of kidney failure more and more severe. So that for dialysis patients that avoid dialysis and restore kidney function are the most two important things now.

Stem cell therapy is to inject healthy stem cells into your body. The damaged kidneys can release cytokines to draw those stem cells to the injured parts. And then they will be divided into new renal cells to work. From this point of view, stem cell therapy can help you restore part kidney function. But stem cell therapy is not suitable for all dialysis patients, for example, patients without kidney function. It is likely for dialysis patients to lose all their kidney function after years of dialysis. In such case, their kidneys can not release cytokines and then stem cells can not reach kidneys to differentiate.

Before receiving stem cell therapy, it is necessary for you to set up a good blood environment. Dialysis can help you cleanse the blood, but it is not enough, because dialysis can only help you cleanse the micromolecue waste products, while the others are still in the blood. Blood Pollution Therapy combines various blood purification therapies, such as plasma exchange, immune absorption, CAVH, CAVHD, enema therapy, medicated bath, etc. They do not only eliminate waste products, but also remove stasis in the blood so as to improve the whole body environment.

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