Our Services

Nowadays, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has been accepted by more and more renal patients throughout the world. It gets the good name not only because of the effective treatment, but also because of the compassionate patient care. The following content will describe the service items that you can get in our hospital. These services can make your whole treatment process more convenient.

Before your arrival

If you decide to come to our hospital for treatment, the doctor will tell what items you should carry with you. It's our pleasure to help you with any possible concerns regarding accommodation, transportation and so forth.

If necessary, our staff will pick you up at the airport once you arrive at China.

Interpreter services are provided in our hospital. You need worry about the language barrier at all.

Sometimes, the whole treatment process may be longer than the given time on the patients' travel visa. If it happens to you, our staff can help extend your stay.

During hospitalization

About accompanying persons

In general, an extra bed is provided for one accompanying person. If more than one family members or friends come with you, we can help book a nearby hotel in advance.


The ward is equipped with TV, air-conditioner, fridge, and kitchen, laundry, and wifi service. You can cook in your ward by yourself.

Shopping and relaxation

There are supermarkets near our hospital. In spare time, you can walk and do mild exercise in the nearby park. The accompanying persons also can do exercise in the surrounding gym.

After getting discharged from hospital

Follow-up is an important part of service after you are discharged from the hospital. A periodic follow-up will be done by your doctor. Also you can call your doctor or nurse at any time if you have any doubt about your self-management of kidney disease.