PKD Problems And Abdominal Distention

PKD Problems And Abdominal DistentionPKD is a genetic kidney disease, the patient always get it from his/her father or mother. PKD is so different from other kidney diseases, it is special for the characters of kidney cysts which are covering on the surface of the kidney. Sometimes, the PKD patients complain abdominal distention. Read the following information and find out the answer. You also can communicate with our ONLIEN DOCTOR.

Why PKD patients appear abdominal distention?

The main factor for abdominal distention is the kidney cysts, which cover on the surface of the kidney. These kidney cysts are full of toxic fluid, and with time going on, these cysts will enlarge gradually, which can compress the around tissues, that is why the PKD patients will suffer from the abdominal distention. Another reason is the infection. The toxic fluid in the kidney cysts will infect the kidney, which can cause swollen of the kidney.

How to get rid of the abdominal distention for PKD patients?

The first thing to get rid of the abdominal distention for PKD patients is shrinking the kidney cysts. The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in our hospital is a great therapy for PKD patients. Because this therapy can send Chinese medicine to the kidney cysts parts and absorb the toxic fluid in the cysts. After several times the PKD patients apply our therapy, the kidney cysts will become smaller and smaller. And there will be more space for the normal kidney cells and tissues. At last, the abdominal distention will be got rid of.

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