Possible Ways for PKD Patients with Creatinine 10.4

Possible Ways for PKD Patients with Creatinine 10.4The creatinine level 10.4 is a sacred number for PKD patients, if there is not effective control, the creatinine level will rising continued and cause further harms to PKD patients. Without to say, the PKD patients with creatinine 10.4 must are eager to seek the possible ways to reduce the high creatinine level. Please contact our ONLINE DOCTOR, and get more information you want.

What does creatinine 10.4 mean for PKD patients?

The creatinine is an important sigh for kidney disease. It is the produce which is produced by muscle and discharged by the kidney. When the healthy kidney is destroyed by PKD, it will fail to discharge the extra creatinine. So as a result, the creatinine will be remained in the blood and the creatinine level will rising gradually. At which time, there will be a lot of the painful symptoms accompany the PKD patients, such as, vomiting, muscle cramps, low blood pressure and so on.

How to reduce the creatinine 10.4 for PKD patients?

The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in our hospital is a possible way for PKD patients to reduce the creatinine 10.4. The main composition of this therapy is various kinds of Chinese medical herbs which are grow in the nature for a long time. If we want to apply this therapy, we need to make these medical herbs into micro powders which are supposed to be sent to the damaged kidney parts. Then these active Chinese medicine can repair the damaged kidney cells and tissues. These cysts covering on the kidney will be absorbed by our medicine. So that, there will be more space for the normal kidney cells. What’s more? Some blocked blood vessels will be promoted, then more blood will flow to the weak kidney and strengthen the damaged kidney. When the kidney function is improved, it will discharge the extra creatinine again.

Beside the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, there are also a lot of possible ways can decline the creatinine 10.4 for PKD patients. If you want to know them, you can send emails to kidneyabc@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13383015760/13503211882, or communicate with us through the skype:abc.kidney to contact us.


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