Stem Cell Therapy for PKD, What Kind of Function Will Patients Have

PKD,Stem Cell Therapy,No SurgeryBecause stem cells can differentiate into your body tissues, Stem Cell Treatment has been widely used into many kinds of disease, including polycystic kidney disease (PKD). But you should know about that it can not prevent PKD.

Why Stem cell therapy can not prevent PKD?

PKD is an inherited kidney disease. Stem cells can not change genes, so this kind of treatment can not prevent PKD. But it can slow down its progression to kidney failure and promote your kidney function. The early you take treatment the more kidney function you will saved.

While you should know about that, sometimes only relay on stem cell therapy can not treat for PKD very well. So that in our hospital, we prefer to use Chinese medicine treatment combined with it to have a much better curative effect.

If your kidneys have been severely damaged by the growing cysts, you should start Chinese medicine as well. Chinese medicine can eliminate wastes from the blood. It can also improve blood circulation so as to provide the damaged kidneys with enough essential elements, such as oxygen and nutrients. In such a good blood environment, the stem cells can survive and differentiate into kidney tissues and replace the damaged ones to work. Besides, some Chinese medicine can even stop the growth of cysts and shrink the cysts to reduce their damage to your kidneys. But this needs a long-term treatment. After short-term treatment, it can only help you relieve some symptoms. For example, your high blood pressure will come down; your back pain will disappear; you will feel energetic; your urine will become cloudy due to the existence of waste products. Moreover, your immune system will be strengthened so risk of infections will greatly reduce.

If you want to have a very good control about your PKD, please contact with us now, and we will give you the best treatment plan according to your illness condition.



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