Is Gout Related to Polycystic Kidney Disease

Is Gout Related to Polycystic Kidney DiseaseGout is a serious disease which can impact the walk ability of patients. While we found that so many PKD patients also suffer from gout. I guess, as a PKD patient, you must want to know is gout related to the PKD? Read the following information and find the answer. Our ONLINE DOCTOR also can answer your question.

Is gout related to PKD?

The answer is “yes”. The mainly factor to cause the gout is remaining of uric acid. When the amount of uric acid in the body reach to a certain degree, they will from to crystal and cover on the surface of the bone, so the patients will suffer from gout. Why are there so many uric acid? Excess uric acid will be discharged out of body by the healthy kidney, while when the kidney was attacked by the PKD, it will fail to remove the harmful waste out of body. So that more and more toxic substance will remain in the everywhere of the body, including of the uric acid.

How to get rid of gout?

Getting of the gout, the Chinese Medicated Bath is a good choice for you. This medicated bath is one of our Chinese medical treatments in our hospital, which is mainly rely on the traditional Chinese medical herbs. According to patients’ condition, suitable Chinese medical herbs are selected, and from a long time boiling, they will be made into medicated soup. Then certain amount of water is supposed to mix with the medicated soup. Next, the patients can enjoy the hot medicated bath. This therapy is so comfortable to the patients and through soaking, you can sweat a lot, so that the excess uric acid will be discharged out of the body. And the whole blood circulation will benefit a lot from the medicated bath .

From above, you can know clearly the relationship between the gout and PKD, if you want to get rid of the gout, you can send emails to , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13383015760/13503211882, or communicate with us through the skype:abc.kidney


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