Effects of Chinese Medicine for Kidney Disease Patients

Many people travel thousands of miles to China with the same purpose—treat their kidney disease. God bless them, with the Chinese medicine, their physical condition improves a lot. Today they enjoy a happy-together to share their experience.

Uncle Tima, as a representative who successfully gets rid of dialysis, made a statement. He confirmed the therapeutic effect of Chinese medicine and expressed appreciation to what our doctors and nurses have done for him. Now he can live a normal life.

In order to enjoy themselves, doctors and nurses prepared songs, dance and Chinese opera. Sometimes the patients also took part in. During the whole party, patients, nurses and doctors communicated with ease. And we could see they enjoy the feast happily.

Maybe before coming to China, they have lost hope for treating kidney disease, the only thing to do is waiting for death. But who would like not to be alive? They held glimmer of hope to come to China, fortunately the Chinese medicine does not disappoint them. They gradually recover.

I truly hope Chinese medicine brings the Gospel to more and more kidney disease patients. May all of the patients regain their health and live happily.

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