Help Establish a Daily Habit for a Hyperuricemic Nephropathy Patient

Help Establish a Daily Habit for aRALPH KIMBU is now returning a visit to our hospital. He is 50 years of age and was diagnosed with Hyperuricemic Nephropathy. This kind of kidney disease is caused by the high uric acid level because of long term of drinking alcohol and smoking.

It brings my memories back to May this year. When I saw RALPH KIMBU the first time, he had haggard faces, the severe pains in feet and knees, which nearly made him can not walk. During our asking about his medical history, we were informed that he was an alcoholic. He also told us he could neither eat foods nor drink water, but he could not stop drinking alcohol, his life would be meaningless if there was no alcohol. He could drink 24 bottles of beer within one day, also he smoked. Just these unhealthy living habits caused this current physical condition. However, he could not realize this.

So we emphasized the harms drinking alcohol and smoking would bring to our body every day, and we chatted with him, played a game with him to distract him and forget smokes and alcohol gradually. Through our collective efforts, he did not smoke and drink alcohol during a month’s hospitalization.

When I see RALPH KIMBU this time, I can feel his mental state is much better than before. When we ask him whether he still drink alcohol and smoke or not, he says: “I have given up drinking, but still smoke a little”. All of us are very happy to hear that he has nearly quitted the unhealthy living habit. As a nurse, carrying out infusion to patients or giving patients injections as prescribed is not my whole work, the most important thing is to help kidney disease patients do the mental nursing and quit some unhealthy living habits. As we all know, many diseases are caused by these unhealthy living habits.

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