A Celebration to Christmas for Kidney Patients: Farewell, Kidney Disease

Many patients from abroad came to China with the same purpose that is to treat their kidney disease and prolong their life. Fortunately, they find the suitable therapy for themselves here.

December 25th is a special day for them. In order to eliminate their homesickness and let them feel at home in China, we hold an international Christmas party. Though Christmas is not a Chinese festival, our doctors and nurses joined the party and celebrated it with the patients together.

During the party time, the patients shared their experience in China and their medical condition improvement withTraditional Chinese Medicine therapies and then they enjoyed the delicious food prepared for them. To make the patients more happier, our doctors and nurses performed songs and dances for them. From the video, we can see that they really enjoyed themselves.

Hope this video can encourage more kidney disease sufferers to regain hope. Kidney disease can not be cured, but it can not prevent you from continuing to enjoy your life. Here we have many patients at home and abroad have proven that as long as you have hope, you can overcome the disease.

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