Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Brings New Hope for CKD 4

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Brings New Hope for CKD 4Name: Brennan John

Country: America

Age: 81

Diagnosis: CKD4, Hypertensive renal impairment

The reason coming to China for treatment

“30 years ago, I found my blood pressure high in a physical examination. But I felt ok, no dizziness, no dimness of vision and no headache. The highest blood pressure was 170/100mmhg. The doctor prescribed me some hypotensor, and my blood pressure was controlled steadily.”

“However, 7 years ago, my kidney function was found abnormal. At that time, creatinine level was 1.7mg/dl, which made me a little scared. I took some oral medicine to control the condition, but things just did not go as what we expected. Only in a years’ time, my creatinine level increased to 2.5 from 2.3, and I recognized that I could not wait any more, otherwise, kidney transplant will be my last choice. Thanks to God, I found Kidney-healthy, it guided me to come to China for treatment.”

The treatment in China

“After being here, a all-side checkup was done again. I could not believe there was so much toxins depositing in my blood, the doctor told me most of my kidney function has been lost.”

“Firstly, the doctor prescribed me some Chinese medicine to help me expel toxins and relax bowels. Then it was Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As to Chinese herbal medicine, I just heard of it before, but not too much, now it seemed it really deserves the reputations it enjoys. The feeling of receiving Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was so amazing, you could feel the blood powerfully flows in your body. After several times of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, my face looked ruddy and the whole body became powerful. Creatinine level declined to 164umol/l from 200, and BUN declined to 12.4mmol/L from 15.4. It was incredible that all the miracles happened just in a month of time. Also I had a good appetite, I felt I went back to my teenage stage. I would keep using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy after I went back home.”

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