Unforgettable Treatment Experience in China

Unforgettable Treatment Experience in ChinaName: MALEX

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Country: the Netherlands

Diagnosis: Nephrotic Syndrome

“The pains caused by my kidney disease tortured me for many years. I really felt very miserable before I came to China for treatment. At that time, the joint was difficult to bend and I had swelling throughout the whole body. I had a poor appetite and didn’t feel like eating anything. I stayed at home all day long and felt fatigue.”

“In the Netherlands, there were no many treatments for Nephrotic Syndrome, the doctor advised me to take prednisone 40mg/day. I also had high blood pressure. The swelling would reappear when drug withdrawal happened, so I had to keep taking prednisone.”

"I did not want to see the kidney damage keep going, so I came to Kidney Support"

"I received the treatment of miraculous Chinese medicine, external application and oral medicine and also advanced blood purification. I regained the power and I had a good appetite. Though I was not used to eating Chinese foods, I began to miss the delicious foods in my hometown. Every day, I would call my mum to tell her everything happened here. The experience I had here was something I would never forget, not only my physical condition became better, also my mental state. I missed everyone here."

"When I left China, swelling was improved, only a little in ankle. I also took some Chinese medicine home for the further treatment" said MALEX.

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