The Best Doctor to Treat Chronic Kidney Failure in China

As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is used widely to treat Chronic Kidney Failure, more and more renal patients, from other countries including India, UK, USA, Italy, Australia, etc, hope to find the best doctor in China to manage their kidney disease. After several months of online selection, Tang Junting is awarded “ Gold Physician”. This is because he has helped many people with CKD, especially kidney failure, improve their life quality and prolong their life expectancy. Today, a host from Sina has an interview with this great doctor.

Besides TCM, doctors in China also use Blood Purification Therapy to treat refractory kidney disease, while the major job of Doctor Tang is to make his patients take part in their work or study better through cleansing their inner body system thoroughly.

We know dialysis is often taken to replace damaged kidneys for people with advanced kidney disease. However, side effects of long-term dialysis torment many kidney failure patients. In view of this, Doctor Tang devotes himself to applying various methods to reduce their discomforts and extend their life span. For example, plasma exchange, CRRT, immune adsorption, and some other blood purification therapies are used maturely to deal with kidney failure.

As said by Doctor Tang, his biggest hope in 2014 is to sum up more clinical experience and make correct treatment plan, in order to help more kidney patients live healthier and easier. If you have any question about kidney failure or dialysis and want to consult Doctor Tang, you can leave a message below or send email to

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