My Recovery Experience in China—A Renal Cyst Patient from Poland

I am Pan Jan Siekiewicz from Poland. One and half years ago, two cysts were found in my kidneys when I tested for other problems. At that time, I did not show any discomforts so I did not pay much care to it at all. In Feb this year, ultrasound test showed that my cysts were growing. I really felt panic because I did not know what will happen if I left the cysts grow further. So I decided to seek for a treatment.

When I searched on Goole, Chinese herbal treatment really impressed me. I’m spending 70% of my life on board the vessels and travelling around the world. China is my favorite country. I like Chinese culture so much and I am really interested in Chinese medicine culture.

In the middle of December, I was hospitalized in China. Recalling the experience in the hospital, I still feel very excited.

In hospital, I received Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy three times a day. It is totally different from other treatments. It is an external therapy just like massage and does not cause pain or any discomfort at all. After about 20 days’ treatment, I have an obvious improvement. The sense of pressure on abdomen disappears completely. My doctor told me that the medicines can kill the epithelial cells on cysts wall so the cysts will stop enlarge. I really feel satisfied about my treatment.

When mentioning this experience in China, I seem to have a lot to say. During my hospitalization, I learned Taichi from a famous Taichi master in China. Taichi is an important part in traditional Chinese medicine. It can do good to both the healthy and the ill. It can make you feel very relaxed. Now when I am free, I still do it on my board. My monster told me it can improve immunity and also can improve blood circulation as well as relieve pressure. It really has a lot of benefits.

If you have been bored of western foods, then Chinese food will be a good choice for you. Dumpling is a kind of traditional food in China. It tastes very delicious. It symbolizes reunion. All people here were very nice and I felt like at home not hospital. We made and had meals together and laughed and talked together.

This experience let me know more about Chinese people and culture. I will never forget it.

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