Chinese Medicine Is Really Amazing—PKD Patient from India

I am Suraj Nandgude from India and 42 years old. I have PKD and also develop kidney stones. My cysts grew pretty rapidly and I felt serious sensation of pressure in my abdomen. I do not want to end with renal failure like most of people with PKD. So I come to China.

To be honest, I very satisfied with my treatment. Chinese medicine is really amazing. In the hospital, I received Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy three times a day. Only after several days’ treatment, I felt obvious improvement. I saw a big stone was passed through my urine. I felt the cysts became soft and the sensation of pressure decreased gradually.

My doctor collected my urine in 24 hours. I was shocked when I saw my urine. There were many small stones and other wastes. My doctor told me Chinese medicines dissolved the big stones so they could be passed out.

My doctor, Mrs Zhang, poured my urine on a toilet paper. The stones were left on the paper. Mrs Zhang is a very nice doctor just like a big sister.

Look at the paper. All these stones were passed from my body. I was afflicted by them day and night. I collected some stones I passed and I will show my family. I will show them how amazing Chinese medicine is.

I am very grateful to my doctor and all nice nurses. If you are seeking for a treatment for PKD, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is really worth a try.

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