I Love This Kidney Hospital, China

Maybe you will never see this scene in other hospitals. But I experienced it actually in a kidney hospital China.

I am from Poland. My husband is a kidney cyst sufferer. His doctor in our local hospitals told us that the cysts were growing. This really worried us. However, the doctor had no method to suppress the growth. He searched on the internet and found the hospital. To be honest, I did not believe this hospital at first. Because it is so far from Poland and I do not know much about China. But, finally, he persuaded me.

He is a captain and has traveled to many big cities in China. He told me how nice Chinese people are and how fast China is developing. After arriving at Beijing, I was shocked by the great change of China.

I like this kidney hospital very much. Everyone here is very nice, nurse, doctor and expert. Chinese food is really delicious. I learned how to use chopsticks and make dumplings in the hospital. I had to say I am not smart. At beginning, I could not hold the chopsticks tightly and the food always dropped. But now I use them very skillfully. Chinese culture is very interesting.

Another important reason for coming to this hospital is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external natural remedy. He feels very comfortable when it is done and does not have any discomfort at all.

Nice people, nice hospital, nice therapy. I love this hospital!

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