I Do Not Feel Lonely—a Patient with CKD 5 from Libya

Christmas is coming soon. In many countries, people will get together to celebrate this festival. The festive atmosphere makes me miss my family so much. Half a month ago, I left Libya and came to China for treatment. I was stage 5 CKDand I did not want to wait for death or dialysis. So I came here. Although I miss my family, I do not feel lonely at all because they are so many nice people with me, my doctor, my nurse and my interpreter.

This is my nurse. She is a very nice Chinese girl. Look at the word “LOVE”. I think it must present her love for her patients, of course, including me. Here in the hospital, I feel deeply the love from everyone. They are just like family and friends.

This is our ward. Isn’t it beautiful? The wards in the hospital are very comfortable. We can make meals in the kitchen and watch TV channels of our country and also can log in internet.

After half a month’s treatment, I feel apparent improvement. I eat more and feel more energetic. This will be an exciting news to my family and friends.

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