Kidney Disease Sufferers' Gospel: the Most Reliable Kidney Disease Hospital in China

In January 6th 2014,, one of the four portals in China, held an awards ceremony for the hospitals and doctors who have made outstanding contributions in 2013. Thanks to the supporters in, our hospital were honored with one of the most reliable specialize hospital in China, one of China’s medical enterprise leaders and one of our nephrologists was awarded the best nephrologist.

The three awards fully affirmed our efforts to improving the kidney patients’ medical condition. At the same time, it means we should continue to make efforts to live up to the trust of patients. Now we have made several breakthrough in treating kidney disease, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine stereoscopic therapies and Polluted Blood Therapy. Of course, the treatments is not the most important. We provide the most satisfying service as well, making the patients feel at home in our hospital. It is no exception to foreign patients. The patients travel thousand miles to our hospital. We should give them the best service and environment, which is also beneficial for their recovery.

At last, thanks again to the supports of kidney sufferers. In the future, we will try our best to bring more gospel to the patients at home and abroad. We believe more and more kidney patients will benefit from our treatments and lead a healthy and normal life. If you need our help, please contact us.

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