A Big Surprise to a Little Girl from Egypt

How did you spend your last birthday? Celebrated it with your parent or your friends? Did you get any surprise that day? A little girl from Egypt spent an unforgettable birthday in China.

Sayed Hamed is from Egypt. Two months ago, he came to our hospital for treatment with the company of his wife and little daughter named Aya. Aya is a very sensible girl and cares her father so much. When her father felt depressed, she always found ways to make him happy. She also brings much happiness to other patients.

Aya’s birthday was coming. However, her mother seemed to forget it because her husband’s disease occupied her whole mind. Aya felt a little depressed, but she would not remind her because she did not want to trouble her. She told her secret to her friend who she made in the hospital.

Coincidentally, a nurse heard it. On the birthday day, our nurses and some doctors came into the little girl’s ward, bringing a birthday cake and singing birthday to song. It made the whole family so surprised. Aya’s mother felt very sorry for forgetting this day and said thanks again and again to us. “Thank you very much. It means a lot to us” Aya’ mother said.

When patients leave away from their home for treatment, they may feel alone. Please remember we are your family and we are your friends.

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