Little Girl Smiles--from England with NS

Adelaide is a little and pretty girl from England. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (NS). After trying all of the possible treatments in the local hospital, the disease still relapse so frequently. What’s worse, her renal function keeps decreasing persistently. The doctor told her mother the final option will be dialysis. This bad news made the whole family collapsed. Adelaide is only 10 years old. So they decided to come to China for treatment.

"The doctor and nurses in this hospital are very nice. I love them so much” Adelaide said.

"Bella is my nurse. After a period of treatment, I feel much better than before. Bella suggests me to take some outdoor exercise. One day, I went to a near park with her company. I saw a little boy playing with a hydrogen balloon. I was interested in it so much and I really wanted one. I fixed my eyes on the ballon. Looking at me, Bella got to know what I was thinking. She bought me one immediately. It made me really excited. However, the ballon slipped away from my hands inadvertently and went on a tall building. I could not do nothing but looking up into the sky disappointedly. Unfortunately, the vendor already left.”

"I did not want to Adelaide feel so disappointed. It is really bad to her. I brought her to hospital and I promised her to get her a new one soon. But I walked around the park and still could not find the vendor. I went to the near supermarket, but there was no such ballon. Suddenly, a place came into my mind. I called a taxi and went there immediately. Fortunately, I bought one there. Although it took me much time, it was worth when I saw the little girl smile so happily”

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