An Amazing Travel to Zhaozhou Bridge-A PKD Patient from Argentina

I am Sandra from Argentina.I got PKD from my father.When I visited my doctor in the local hospital, he told me they could not treat me.I have no choice but wait for renal failure.I want to get rid of the doom so I come to China and seek for Chinese treatment.

I arrived this hospital April 3th.I deeply feel so much caring and love from people in hospital.The wonderful Chinese treatment amazes me desperately.After several days’ treatment,I feel much better, no headache and vomiting.I am very satisfied with my treatment outcome.

Spring is the best season in China.Flower boom and birds sing everywhere.It is a nice and sunny day.I feel very excited because my doctor will accompany us to visit Zhaozhou Bridge.It is located near by the hospital where we are in. Zhaozhou Bridge has a very long history and it is famous around world for its unique structure.It attracts many foreigners every year.

Along with us,a patient from Libya and his family member joins this travel.They seem also very excited.Look!They are having the photo taken with Zhaozhou Bridge.

I really thanks for Kidneyabc Center.It gets me to find this wonderful hospital and treatment. The life in the hospital is very colorful.

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