The Case of Patient with Kidney Disease in Our Hospital

The Case of Patient with Kidney Disease in Our HospitalChinese medicine treatment for CKD, CKD treatment This time we will introduce a case of patients with kidney disease in our hospital, which can help you understand treatment and good effects in our hospital with Chinese medicine treatment, please see below details.

When she came to our hospital, she get the below condition: Dark complexion, fatigue, shortness of breath, palm color pale, nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, cold limbs, mild systemic edema. Serum creatinine 756umol/l, blood urea nitrogen 28mmol/l, hemoglobin 85g/l, blood 4.41mmol/l K, 14.2mmol/l ab. Electrocardiogram: myocardial ischemia. B Ultrasound shows: the left kidney kidney 7.8 * 4.0cm , right kidney 7.3 * 3.7cm. Double kidney ect shows: double kidney contour display is not clear, double kidney shadow narrow, double kidney blood perfusion to reduce, double kidney glomerular filtration nearly no function, double kidney narrow, double upper urinary tract drainage unobstructed.

According to her case, our kidney disease doctors set up a series of Chinese medicine treatment, after half a month treatment, she can breathe well , and palm color turns red, nausea and vomiting are improved, appetite is good, swelling is remitted effectively, serum creatinine gets reduced to 619.0umol/l.

Chinese medicine can help improve kidney well to repair kidney damage and recover kidney function effectively, in this way, for kidney disease patients, symptoms can be solved from the root and creatinine will be reduced by kidney removing excessive wastes from body effectively. Chinese medicine has the properties of promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation, enhancing immune system, repairing kidney damage, and so on. Kidney will be treated well for kidney disease patients, thus, patients will have a better and longer life with Chinese medicine treatment. If you get any question or need any help, be free to contact us anytime, it is a pleasure that we can help you solve problems well.



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