Multiple Kidney Cysts Shrink, Creatinine Decreases from 378 to 306

Name: Salvia



Age: 59

Diagnosis: Multiple kidney cysts,chronic renal failure,hyperuricemia

Pre-treatment status:

I was diagnosed with bilateral multiple kidney cysts 19 years ago. Initially, my doctor did not take the cysts very serious as they were small. However, as time goes by, I felt oppressing sensation in my back and also back pain came into being.Back to 7 years ago,my creatinine started to raise.The doctors told me that they could not treat me until my kidneys fail.The news shocked me dramatically.I searched on internet.Fortunately enough,I found Kidneyabc Center who guided me to this hospital.

I was admitted in this hospital in 2013,April 4.My doctor had me done a thorough test and the test result was as follows:

Treatment process:

In the hospital,I received Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy three times a day.It is an external therapy,in which the medicine bags are applied in the kidney area.It is just like massage and you do not feel any discomfort. I can feel the mass in my abdomen shrink day by day. Meanwhile,some assistant oral Chinese medicine and western medicines are used to relieve some symptoms.

Post-treatment status:

I was discharged from the hospital April 19. After half month’s, I have a remarkable improvement.The edema in my ankle and legs disappear and my whole body feel much better than before.The examination result before discharged from hospital is in the below table.

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