IgA Nephropathy And Stage 4 CKD,Creatinine Reduces to 3.5 from 4.2

Name: Walter Lea

Gender: Male


Diagnosis: IgA nephropathy, stage 4 CKD, renal anemia

Pre-treatment status:

My kidney problem was detected accidentally.Back to two years,I went to see a doctor for anemia. It made me feel tired all day long. However, the news from my doctor made me nearly collapsed. He told me that I may have a kidney problem.To assure the guess,I did thorough tests. I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy.I was hospitalized in the local hospital and hoped I could have an improvement. However, the treatment outcome really made me frustrated.I still had heavy protein in my urine and edema over my body. I was only on Lisinopril and lasix and had no other choice.

My brother found Kidneyabc Center and the treatment attracted us. So I came to China for treatment.

Treatment:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath

Post-treatment status:

Only after two weeks’ treatment,my overall condition improves a lot. Swelling is gone and I can walk a long way now.My dark urine becomes light yellow.

The treatments I used here are totally different from western medicines. They are herbs and have no side effects on my body.I have any discomfort when using the treatment,instead,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is just like a massage,very comfortable.

Here is my checkup before and after my treatment.

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