28 Days Treatment Bring Kidney Failure Patient Hope of Life

28 Days Treatment Bring Kidney Failure Patient Hope of Life28 Days Treatment Bring Kidney Failure Patient Hope of Life. RUTSA TSEIBU is a kidney failure patient, meanwhile he also suffered from many other symptoms and complication. In order to seek further treatment, he came to our hospital for Chinese Medicine Treatment. After 28 days treatment, his disease tends to stable, which bring him the hope of life.

Patient Name: RUTSA TSEIBU

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Marital Status: Married


Main Cause: discontinuity eyelid and both lower limbs edema for 10 years, serum creatinine elevated for 5 years, dialysis 1 month

In order to seek further treatment he came to our hospital on September 13,2014 for the first time. Then his high blood pressure has up to 140/90mmHg, there are moderate pitting edema on lower limbs. The test shown that blood cell count 3.31*1012, hemoglobin 101g/L, occult blood2+, protein3+, serum creatinine 1337umol/L, BUN 41.6mmol/L, UA 661umol/L

Diagnosed as: chronic glomerulonephritis, kidney failure(uremia), renal anemia, renal hypertension, Hyperuricemia, metabolic acidosis


Blood purification--to remove toxins

Hot Compress Therapy and Foot Bath Therapy--to promote blood circulation and protect kidney function

Enema Therapy--to discharge the toxins in intestinal tract

Maikang Mixture to reinforce Qi and nourish blood

Besides that, our doctor prescribed him some western medicines accordingly to relieve those obvious symptoms, such as anemia and high blood pressure

After 28 days treatment, his illness tends to stable. The edema on his limbs disappeared and creatinine level downs to 552umol/L, BUN 11.9mol/L, UA 214umol/L. I know, it won’t be long before his disease controlled totally.

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