Kidney Failure, How to Live Without Dialysis

Kidney Failure,Live Without Dialysis,Chinese medicine treatment+ Stem Cell TherapyRelay on Dialysis do really have some help for Kidney Failure patients. However, that not means they have to take dialysis for the rest of their life.

In end stage renal disease (ESRD) which is also named as Kidney Failure, a lot of waste products build up in the blood, leading to blood pollution. Wherever the polluted blood flows, wherever it will damage. That is why all of your body systems will be influenced and your life will be threatened if you do not start dialysis timely to cleanse the blood. Here are some ways to help you live without dialysis.

1. Kidney transplant

If you have enough money and have suitable kidney source, you can do kidney transplant. But importance should be attached to post transplant. After transplant, you have to take immunosuppressants for life-long to prevent rejection, while this kind of medicine can bring you a lot of side effects. And the transplanted kidney can only survive several years. Years later you have to do transplant again.

2. Systemic Chinese medicine treatment+ Stem Cell Therapy

If you still have urine output more than 100 ml per day and your kidneys are still bigger than 6cm, you can take this treatment. This set of treatment can help expel waste products out of renal cells and blood to set up a clean internal environment. It can also expand blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys. Besides, it can lower high blood pressure, adjust blood sugar level and reduce blood cholesterol level. In such a good blood environment, the stem cells can differentiate into various tissues to help you repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. And then it is possible for you to get rid of dialysis.

Dialysis is not the only way for you to have a much better life. If you want to have a better choice for to live without dialysis or kidney transplant, you can tell us now. Our experts will help as soon as possible.

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