What Can You Do to Manage Dizziness Caused by Dialysis

Dizziness,Side Effects of Dialysis,Chinese Medicine TreatmentDialysis is helpful for patients in some degree. However, in some cases, it is easily to lead to Dizziness, which is a kind of side effects of dialysis.

Why dizziness happens after dialysis?

Dizziness is impairment in spatial perception and stability and among dialysis patients, dizziness usually occurs as a result of low blood pressure which is a common side effect of dialysis. Dialysis is the medical procedure in which waste products and excess fluid are removed by a dialysis machine outside patients’ body. Sudden drop in fluid level may cause low blood pressure and thus lead to dizziness. In such a condition, dizziness is always accompanied with nausea.

To bring blood pressure into normal range, antihypertensive drugs are usually used. For dialysis patients, taking hypotensor before dialysis will increase their risk for low blood pressure and dizziness.

How to manage dizziness in dialysis?

Treatment for dizziness in dialysis depends on its causes. For example, for dialysis patients, if they experience dizziness due to low blood pressure caused by quick drop of body fluid, patients generally need to tightly control their fluid intake, so as to keep a good dry body weight. However, if dialysis patients suffer from low blood pressure as they take excess hypotensor before dialysis, they need to consult doctors and ask them for help to adjust medicine dose.

Besides, if symptom of low blood pressure persist, it is necessary for patients to consult their dialysis care team because the amount of fluid during dialysis may need to be adjusted.

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