For IgA Nephropathy With High Creatinine, What Treatment You Can Take

IgA Nephropathy,High Creatinine,Micro-Chinese MedicineFor IgA Nephropathy With High Creatinine, what treatment you can take? IgA nephropathy patients often have hematuria, proteinuria, high blood pressure and loss of kidney functions. When renal functions are impaired, patients will have high creatinine due to diminished renal filtration ability.

IgA nephropathy is an auto-immune kidney disease which is caused by elevated IgA level in the blood. IgA immune complex can deposit in the renal mesangial areas, activate immune inflammatory reactions in the kidneys. As a result, kidneys are impaired and kidney functions will be severely damaged. Wasteful substances can not be discharged while proteins and red blood cells will pass through the kidneys and be found in urine.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help lower high creatinine for IgAN patients because it can increase urine output so as to flush more creatinine and wastes from the kidneys and the blood. What is more important, Micro-Chinese Medicine can improve kidney functions so that its filtering ability will be improved and excess creatinine will be excreted through the kidneys.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine improve kidney functions?

We know that the root cause of renal damages in IgA nephropathy is immune complex and immune disorders. Micro-Chinese Medicines can degrade these immune complex and extracellular matrix and discharge them out of the kidneys. That is why patients can find cotton-like materials in their urine after the treatment. What is more, it can help regulate immune disorder and immune dysfunction, enhance the patient’s immunity so as to protect the kidneys from potential damages. When renal functions are improved, creatinine will be lowered from the root.

If you do not want to take dialysis, this treatment should be a good choice for you to get a reverse.

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