How to Control Blood Urea with Natural Treatment

Control Blood Urea,Natural Treatment,Chinese Medicine TreatmentsHow to Control Blood Urea with Natural Treatment? Just like creatinine, urea is also one metabolic waste in the blood. Kidneys are responsible for eliminating most urea out of the blood. If blood test checks out abnormal BUN, the level of urea in the blood, some treatments are needed.

What is blood urea?

Urea is the terminal product of protein metabolism, and 1g of protein can produce about 0.3g of urea. Generally, kidney is the main organ to excrete urea. When urea is filtered out by glomeruli, it can be reabsorbed by every section of renal tubules. The quicker the rate of urine flow, the less urea reabsorbed by renal tubules.

How to control blood urea naturally?

As blood urea has a close link with both protein metabolism and kidneys, the treatments should begin with these aspects.

1. Correct the intake of protein: If kidneys can’t do their work properly, extra protein will increase the workload on kidneys. On the contrary, lack of protein may lead to malnutrition. Under this circumstance, it is necessary to restrict the amount of protein intake to 0.6-0.8g/kg every day. What’s more, high-quality protein is more helpful to lower blood urea level.

2. Supplement enough calories: This can reduce the consumption of protein in the body. Generally, it is suitable to take in 30Kca/Kg of calories every day.

3. Increase kidney filtration rate: For different patients, detailed treatments should be different. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, polluted blood therapy, etc, are chose according to patients’ condition.

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