What Should We Do for GFR 7 Condition

GFR 7,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,ImmunotherapyWhat should we do for GFR 7 Condition? Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is a tool to help measure kidney function and reflect how well a kidney is working. When your GFR is at 7, it is a very dangerous condition and you should take prompt treatment.

What does GFR 7 mean?

According to GFR, Chronic Kideny Disease (CKD) is divided into 5 stages. With GFR 7, it indicates you are in stage 5 CKD. At this advanced stage of kidney disease, the kidneys have lost nearly all their ability to do their job effectively. Finally dialysis or kidney transplant is needed to live. Many patients worry about their condition very much with GFR 7.

Is there any treatment for GFR 7?

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats kidney disease from the root. The osmosis machine helps the effective Chinese medicines arrive at kidney lesion directly through Shenshu acupoint and skin permeation. This therapy can repair injured kidney inherent cells and improve renal function through anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation of extracellular matrix, nutrient supplement and dilation of blood vessels. With the restoration of injured kidney cells, GFR will be improved naturally.

2. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a treatment which combines western medicines and Chinese medicines. There are six steps including Immune diagnosis, immune blocking, immune clearance, immune regulation, immune tolerance and immune protection. Immunotherapy aims to remove immune complexes out, adjust abnormal immune system and then recover your renal function from the root. A clinical study shows that 95% kidney diseases are from abnormal immune system or poor immunity then it can not protect our kidney. Immune response is a normal medical condition, however, in some cases, it can become drastic and abnormal. That will lead to kidney damage. Immunotherapy is such a therapy that can remove immune complexes out, stop abnormal immune response and recover damaged kidney tissues. In this way, kidney disease is managed radically. And then GFR will be increased naturally.

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