What Will Happen with the Development of Nephrotic Syndrome

nephrotic syndrome,Immunotherapy,Chinese MedicineDo you really know about Nephrotic syndrome now? IgA Nephropathy results from immune disorder, but different patients have different prognosis based on the severity and extent of kidney damage.

In some cases, patients can get completely clinical remission, while in some other cases, IgA Nephropathy progresses into end stage kidney failure gradually.

What will happen for nephrotic syndrome patients?

Usually, IgA Nephropathy won’t threaten the patient’s life, unless their disease aggravates into end stage, in which failed kidneys must cause damage to many organs such as heart, liver, nerve, brain, and so on. Some of these problems are so serious that may threaten patients' life, if uncontrolled effectively.

What should be the effective treatment for nephrotic syndrome?

Only consider about the habits of life and diet in daily life is not enough. They can have some kind of help, but can not have function for the treatment. So that there is a necessary for them to repair damaged kidney cells.

Immunotherapy is one therapy that can regulate immune system and restore impaired kidney cells timely. It can help the patient control their disease well, even reverse their disease.

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