Is There Any Other Treatment to Treat Kidneys Shrink to 6.9cm without Kidney Transplant

kidney transplant,Kidneys Shrink to 6.9cm,Chinese medicineI there any other treatment to treat kidneys shrink to 6.9cm without Kidney Transplant? Kidneys are important for everyone, if kidneys shrink in size, they fail to function adequately. Kidney transplant can help the patients recover renal function. However, the transplant has many adverse effects.

What will happen if kidneys shrink to 6.9cm?

Kidney shrinkage can occur in one or both of kidneys. If only one kidney shrinks, you may not notice any discomforts for the great compensatory capacity of kidneys. However, if both of kidneys reduce in size, the patients will experience a myriad of discomforts like swelling, high blood pressure, bone disease, heart problem etc.

How to treat kidneys shrink to 6.9cm without kidney transplant?

Kidney shrinkage is the result of impairment and scarring of kidney tissues and cells. It is not possible to reverse the scarred kidney tissues and cells. However, if the impaired ones can be repaired, the kidneys will increase in size.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for kidney shrinkage than kidney transplant. This is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines. The effective medicines can protect the residual renal function by stopping the fibrosis process of kidney tissues and cells. More importantly, the osmotherapy can activate the self-rebuilding of kidney tissues and cells. If so, the kidneys will increase in size to some extent and kidney transplant will not be required.

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