Is There Any Way for Kidney Failure Patients to Stop Dialysis

Kidney Failure,Stop Dialysis,Chinese Medicine TreatmentIs There Any Way for Kidney Failrue patients to Stop Dialysis? A patient is suffering from kidney disease and his creatinine level is 15mg/dl. He wants to stop dialysis.

For people with kidney failure, dialysis enables them to live longer and enjoy their life quality. Creatinine 15 is extremely high and it usually indicates there are lots of toxins building up in your body. Without life-sustaining dialysis, death usually comes within a few weeks. This is the reason why dialysis needs to started once the patient has high creatinine level. However, due to various reasons, patients are eager to stop dialysis.

Is there any way for kidney failure patients to stop dialysis?

According to different condition, we will give different theray to the patient. These therapies are based on Chinese and first cleanse blood before treating kidney disease. When kidneys are damaged, there will be lots of toxins accumulating in body. These toxins can reduce the effect of medication and also cause further damage. Thus, toxins and harmful substances need to be expelled from body first. Western medicines have no effective medication to do this job while Chinese medicines can purify blood effectively.Once renal function is improved, high creatinine level will be decreased naturally and effectively. More importantly, it is possible for someone to reduce or even avoid dialysis.

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