Treatments for Kidney Failure to Prevent or SlowAdditional Damage to Kidneys

Treatments for Kidney Failure to Prevent or SlowAdditional Damage to KidneysHealthy kidneys clean your blood by removing excess fluid, minerals, and wastes. They also make hormones that keep your bones strong and your blood healthy. But if the kidneys are damaged, they don't workproperly. Harmful wastes can build up in your body. Your blood pressure may rise. Your body may retain excess fluid and not make enough red blood cells. This is called Kidney Failure. And if there is not effective treatments, the kidneys will suffer from slow additional damages. If you contact with our ONLINE DOCTOR, you will know more information about our specialtreatments.

“four one” Chinese traditional treatment to treat the kidney failure

1.A kettle of oral Chinese medicine

This oral Chinese medical soup is a common form of our Chinese medical herbs, which is boiled for a long time. so that the effects of the Chinese medicine can released completely. The main function of this step is detoxification.

2.A dose of micro Chinese medicine

This micro Chinese medicine is the most specialforms of our Chinese medicine. Some Chinese medicalherbs are supposed to make into micro powders, whichcan be sent to the internal kidney parts, and repair the damaged kidney cells and tissues.

3.A bottle of Maikang composition

The Maikang composition is a specific of our hospital, which main composition also is the Chinesemedical herbs. This medicine is always used to improve the blood circulation and reduce the blood fat. And it also has the function of anti-thrombosis and anti-aging.

4.A basin of Chinese medical foot bath

This basin of Chinese foot bath is better to apply at night for the kidney failure patients. it not only can improve the whole blood circulation, but also canimprove the sleep quality of the kidney failure patients.

With treating of our Chinese medical treatments, thecondition of kidney failure patients will be controlled effectively. If you are interested in our therapies, you cansend emails to , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13383015760/13503211882, or communicate with us through the skype:abc.kidney.

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