Renal Failure, High Serum Creatinine 5.9: Give Information to Lower It Without Dialysis

Renal Failure, High Serum Creatinine 5.9: Give Information to Lower It Without DialysisTreatment for Renal Failure and high creatinine to avoid Dialysis “My grandfather is 76 years old, and he was diagnosed with renal failure due to his heart problem several years ago. Now his serum creatinine level is as high as 5.9, the doctor asked for dialysis. I think he is too weakness to get dialysis, is there any other way to help him lower high creatinine without dialysis? Please give your advise.” this is an e-mail got from our mail box, In the following article, the experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital will give solutions.

Serum creatinine 5.9 is much higher than normal level 0.5-1.3 mg/dl, and it means the kidneys have been damaged very severely in renal failure. In general, when the serum creatinine level is higher than 5 mg/dl, dialysis will be recommended. But your said your grandfather has heart disease and he is already 76 years old, so it is much dangerous for him to take dialysis.

For his case, we suggest the natural Chinese medicine to remedy his renal failure. In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, our experts use more than 30 years experiences in treating all kinds of kidney diseases, and we will suggest the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for your grand father.

The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external and herbal based treatment, and there are many unique and special Chinese medicines used in it. Through external application on back, the effective substances can work directly on kidney lesions with skin osmosis. It is not like oral Chinese medicine, and it has no side effects to patients.

More important, the osmotherapy can help dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation, increase the blood volume and bring more nutrition and oxygen to kidneys, then it can repair damaged kidney tissues and improve the kidney function from root.

Through systematic treatment, the kidney function can be improved effectively for your grandfather, and his serum creatinine can be excreted naturally by kidneys. Then he can avoid dialysis and reduce the high creatnine from root. If you want to learn more details of the treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for your grandfather, you can leave a message below, or you can also consult online doctor for free help.

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