Is It OK to Eat Barley for Kidney Failure Patients

Is It OK to Eat Barley for Kidney Failure PatientsIs It OK to Eat Barley for Kidney Failure Patients. To make kidney failure or kidney disease patients live easier, they are always recommended to have a restricted diet plan and they should eat any food carefully. Barley belongs to whole grain, and some patients with kidney failure may ask: is it OK to eat barley for kidney failure patients?

The diet requirements for kidney failure patients?

Failed kidneys lose their ability to filter out waste products, toxins and extra fluid. Therefore, the basic principle of kidney failure diet is to reduce the burden on kidneys, and their diet has the following diet requirements.

- Low-protein diet: If they haven’t begun dialysis, protein of 0.4g/kg is suitable one day. Once they begin dialysis, they can increase the protein intake to 1.2g/kg one daily.

- Low-sodium diet: A low-sodium diet contains sodium that ranges 1,000g to 4,000g every day.

- Limit the intake of phosphorus and potassium: High phosphorus and potassium level will cause a series of problems including skin itching, muscle cramps, bone disease, heart disease, etc.

Does barley conform to these requirements?

According to barley’s nutrition structure, it is high in dietary fiber, crude protein and carbohydrate. Also, barley contains moderate amount of calcium and phosphorus. From this analysis, we can know barley is good for some kidney failure patients, while some other patients had better avoid it.

For those whose phosphorus level is normal, barley can provide them enough energy with few waste products. In addition, it is able to improve their appetite and alleviate their bone disease.

For those who have high phosphorus level, they should limit their intake of barley. This is because extra intake may worsen their illness condition.

Here, we can know whether kidney failure patients can eat barley depends on their illness condition, so does their intake amount.

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