How Long Can You Live with Renal Failure Without Treatment

How Long Can You Live with Renal Failure Without TreatmentRenal Failure is a situation in which the kidneys fail to remove wastes from body and help maintain electrolyte balance. If no aggressive treatment is performed, death may be around the corner. How long can you live with renal failure without treatment?

If you are suffering from renal failure and decide not to continue or not to start dialysis treatment, you need to know what is likely to happen.

Generally speaking, the patients with some urine output live longer than those having no urine output. Sometimes, the patients with urine output can live for months after stopping dialysis treatment. However, people with no urine output are likely to die within a week or two. If you pass little or no urine, you should be extremely carful to cut down the intake of water and salt. If you drink too much water, your lung and heart will be flooded with water, thus leading to shortness of breath and other serious heart problem. As metabolic wastes from foods will build up in your body, developing a healthy diet can reduce the production of wastes, thus prolonging the life span of people with renal failure without treatment.

If you have no treatment, you will experience some discomforts and symptoms.The characteristics of your renal failure and your other medical problems help to predict which symptoms may arise.

If you stop Dialysis treatment, the metabolic wastes will build up in renal failure, thus leading to an array of symptoms. You will become lethargic and have no energy all day long, but you may find it hard to sleep at night. Over time, the typical patients just slip into deeper and deeper and gradually loses consciousness completely. However, mild confusion and disorientation commonly occur, and usually require only reassurance as treatment. Sometimes, though, upsetting hallucinations or agitation occurs, anti-anxiety and tranquilizers can help control them.

Additionally, itching and other complications can occur due to accumulation of other metabolic wastes in blood. Appetite decreases very early. The accumulation of acids in the bloodstream causes rapid, shallow breathing.

It is impossible for renal failure patients without dialysis treatment, but death is not what you want. If your current treatment freak you out, you can seek for alternative treatment for kidney failure to Dialysis.

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