How about The Porcess of Immunotherapy Treat for IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy,Immunotherapy,No HormoneHow about the process of Imunotherapy treat for IgA Nephropathy? There are six procedures in Immunotherapy, which are aim at treat disease from root with different steps and meaning.

Accurate diagnosis

This is for knowing how kidney damage is caused. In this procedure, no more renal biopsy but the patient undergo exams assisted by advanced techniques and analysis to test out which part of kidney is damaged(glomeruli endothelium, epithelium, mesangial, or tubular epithelium?), degrees of kidney damage, the types and amount of antibodies as well as immune complex, the immune status(immunosuppression or immune overactive), etc. Examples of tests commonly done include urine NAG, urine GGT, microalbuminuria, lymphocyte subset, blood Cys-C, etc.

Immune blocking

The purpose of immunosuppression is to stop production of abnormal antibodies and immune complexes as well as inflammation. In this process the medicines are aimed at quieting the immune system. But inappropriate or heavy dose of the medicine may suppress the immune system and reduce immunity, thus making infections and relapses likely to occur. When the medicines are not powerful enough to slow down inflammation, symptoms can not be remitted and kidney condition may progress rapidly.

In immunotherapy, scientific diagnosis provides information for immune abnormality types and amount, immune reaction state and kidney damage degree which will guide prescription for the types and doses of medicines.

Immune Tolerance

Let your body acknowledge immune complexes and damaged intrinsic cells. And this is for preparing for subsequent treatment to entry into the immunomodulatory therapy.

Immune regulation

In immune regulation, traditional Chinese medicines are specially applied with targeted effect of rectifying the immune system, increasing immunity, repairing injured kidneys and improving kidney functions: balancing yin and Yang, activating blood, nourishing Qi, etc. Here Yin and Yang refers to two extremities of things and Qi refers to immunity. By increasing immunity and repairing the immune system, the natural ability of degenerating immune complexes is enhanced; at the meantime, through dilating blood vessels and accelerating blood circulation immune complexes can be removed together with urine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is different from western medicine treatment which can get that quick treatment effect, so the patients need to insist on treatment and pay attention to daily care nursing.

Immune clearance

Use blood plasma exchange or immunoadsorption to sift immune complexes and auto-antibodies out of the bloodstream. In some types of kidney diseases, such as acute glomerulonephritis and lupus nephritis, there exist large amount of antibodies that target at renal capillaries, glomerular basilar membrane and other renal tissues and can causes acute kidney failure or life-threatening to the patients. In early disease course, blood plasma exchange or immunoadsorption can save life and achieve short-term treatment effects.

Immune protection

During immune regulation, the patients also pay attention to daily care nursing and do regular exercise to protect themselves from infections. Doctors may perform T-reg cell injection to improve their immune status. Regular check-ups to test out immune status, immune response extent and amount of immune complexes.

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