Can Hypertensive Nephropathy Be Reversed With Chinese Medicine Treatment

hypertensive nephropathy,Reversed,Chinese Medicine TreatmentHigh blood pressure is one of the most common cuases for kidney damage or kidney failure. This kind of damge is much severe than people thought, so you have to take treatment timely to get chance to reverse it from now on.

Is there have any chance to reverse hypertensive nephropathy?

To be frankly, whether it can be reversed or not depends on the degrees of kidney damage and the treatments the patients take.

Declined kidney function is reversible and treating blood pressure can reverse kidney damage up to some extent. However, those treatments the patient choose should be able to preventing further kidney deterioration. If the kidneys have been impaired significantly, it is hard to achieve good recovery.

How to reverse hypertensive nephropathy?

1.Bring elevated blood pressure under control. Hypertension should be controlled by following the diet and taking medications according to the doctor's prescription.

2.Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet with fresh foods and avoid high sodium and high protein foods, as they will exert pressure on the kidneys. Exercise regularly. Quit smoking and cut down alcohol consumption.

3.Find a holistic treatment to get rid of symptoms and stop the disease's progression to Kidney Failure. Blood Pollution Therapy is a good choice for your reference.

There are also have some effective Chinese medicine treatment for hypertensive nephropathy. If you still have other questions about kidney disease or want to reverse kidney damage, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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