Patients with Hematuria, Hypertensive Nephropathy can Take Sophora Flower

Hypertensive Nephropathy Healthy Care,Hematuria,Sophora FlowerHaving Hypertensive Nephropathy, 4 symptoms need attention. The relationship between high blood pressure and Kidney Disease often affects each other. If there are symptoms of high blood pressure, it often affects the body's various internal organs. In particular, kidneys may cause Kidney Failure. Everyone can understand the relationship between high blood pressure and kidneys, and then adjust their own body.

{中药} Flos Sophorae; sophora flower; pagoda tree flower (又称“槐米”)

1. Kidney function easily affects blood pressure

2, high blood pressure is likely to cause kidney disease

3, kidney disease and hypertension affect each other

4 Symptoms: 1. Nausea and vomiting. 2, change in urine output. 3, cardiac complications. 4, brain symptoms

Sophora flowers have the effect of cooling blood and bleeding, hematuria, and clearing the liver and reducing fire

The silk flower has the effects of cooling blood, stopping bleeding, clearing the liver and reducing the fire, treating intestinal wind, blood stasis, blood stasis, hematuria, uterine bleeding, hemoptysis, blood stasis, wind-heat fever, acne poisoning, cervical lymph node tuberculosis, and hypertension

Note: pregnant women should not take Sophora Flower

Hypertensive Nephropathy Healthy Care,Hematuria,Sophora FlowerThe chemical composition of Sophora Flower: Thistle flower contains rutin, quercetin, isorhamnetin-3-rutinoside, betulin, rutin and quercetin

Sophora Flower can reduce the permeability of capillaries and restore the normal elasticity of capillaries due to the increase of brittleness. Sex arthritis, such as anti - inflammatory, anti - convulsive anti - gastric ulcer in rats

Quercetin reduces blood lipids and anti-platelet aggregation

Sophora flowers have frostbite and anti-radiation effects

If symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy occur, it often leads to headaches and dizziness, or mental manifestations and other manifestations. In addition, high blood pressure often causes significant pain in the head. The main area of ​​the disease is the forehead, occipital or ankle. The symptoms of dizziness are often temporary or persistent. If the blood pressure is effectively controlled, dizziness symptoms will also be alleviated.

The above content describes the relationship between hypertension and nephropathy and the dangers of hypertensive nephropathy. Everyone should pay more attention to these diseases and similar symptoms can be dealt with immediately without delaying the disease. Hematuria, hypertensive nephropathy patients can take flowers? If you have hypertensive nephropathy and you want to try Chinese medicine, please contact our doctor and you will receive free guidance.

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