How Dose Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat for FSGS

FSGS,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Chinese MedicineHow does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat for FSGS? Hello, my lttle girl has a FSGS with diagnosis from last July. She is in her treatment now with prednisone and cyclosporine and the proteinuria is coming down progressively but I read you and want to understand better the micro-chinese therapy.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work for FSGS?

Once kidneys are affected by FSGS, there are dead glomeruli, damaged glomeruli and healthy glomeruli. For these completely sclerotic glomeruli, we have nothing to do because we can not resurrect them, but for these damaged glomeruli, we can activate them and make them work again by increasing their self-curative ability. Micro-Chinese medicines are composed of several types of herbs which have been proven to effective in activating cells. Also, some herbs in micro-Chinese medicines contain rich nutrition that needed by our body, so damaged renal cells can get enough nutrition while they are activated.

At present, there is no cure for FSGS, but through protecting residual renal functions and repairing these damaged renal cells, kidney function can be recovered partly. As long as kidney function is increased, kidney failure is avoided and also symptoms are remitted effectively.

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