Zhang Dengxi,MD

1、Brief Introduction

Born in 1949,Zhang Dengxi is the ward director in Kidney Hospital China. And now,he takes office as the Deputy Supervisor of Kidney Disease Complications Group and the member ofNephrotic Syndrome Group.

2、Primary Specialties

For more than 30 years,he is mainly engaged in research and diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Kidney Disease. Besides,he has a set of unique medical theories and treatment methods on Nephrotic Syndrome,Lupus Nephritis and Hypertensive Nephropathyetc.

3、Achievements & Honors

Owing to the remarkable achievement,he summarizes and improves continually in clinic. Moreover,he also published a few papers in some authoritative medical journals. At the same time,he explores a unique treatment approaches to Kidney Disease.

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