Is Chinese Medicine Good for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Diabetic Nephropathy,Chinese Medicine,No HormoneIs Chinese medicine goof ro Diabetic Nephropathy patients? Chinese medicine is very good and effective for diabetic nephropathy patients, which makes them get a longer and better life by the time. Disease condition can be controlled to prevent deteraioration effectively.

Chandler suffered from diabetes for about 15 years and it has developed into stage 5. Now his kidney has been damaged and was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy. Hypertension, diabetes, depression, incontinence are around him. After checkup in our hospital, his creatinine was 980, blood pressure 160/90 and he also had anemia. Before getting treated in our hospital, he did dialysis three times a week. With Chinese medicine, his blood was cleaned very well. He took dialysis two times per week after the treatment. The most significant change was that he could walk to medicated bath room where he used to go in wheelchair. Chinese medicine was very effective and creatinine got reduced effectively, too. As his condition got better, his mood was also becoming better. The nurses often heard his laughter.

We want to tell you that if you want to control diabetes, that hormone treatment is not the only choice for you. Chinese medicine can help you control diabetes and repair damage caused by diabetes at the same time. With this kind of treatment you do not have to worry about side effects will happen on you.

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