How to Repair Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes

How to Repair Kidney Damage Caused by DiabetesHow to Repair Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes. How to repair the kidney damage caused by diabetes? It is known to all that long terms of diabetes will induce kidney damage, without good control, it will lead to Diabetic Nephropathy. So, the ways to repair the kidney damage means a lot for treating this disease.

Why diabetes will lead to kidney damage?

In normal condition, the blood vessels in kidneys help filter wastes from blood. However, in Diabetes, the high blood sugar can destroy these blood vessels. Over time, the kidneys will lose the ability to filter blood gradually. Later it may stop working completely and develop into Renal Failure.

As to diabetes it mainly damage blood capillaries within kidneys. Diabetes will cause large amount of glycosylated substance and lipid toxic things deposited in the kidneys. It will cause inflammation in the kidneys and gradually damage the kidney function.

How to repair the kidney damage caused by diabetes?

In order to repair the kidney damage, we have to stop the inflammation, remove the toxic things and repair the damaged kidney cells. And help improve the kidney function. So that the disease can be treated well.

To stop the inflammation in the kidneys is not difficult. There are many western medicine and Chinese medicine can achieve this effect. However, it is not enough. If he gets infection and the disease is easy to relapse. Therefore, we need the second step, that is remove the immune complex in the kidneys.

To remove the immune complex in the kidneys, we use Chinese herbal medicine in China. Because the active material of the Chinese herbs can combine with the immune complex, split them and discharge them out of body. Besides, the Chinese medicine can dilate the blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys, so the immune complex and extra cellular matrix that caused renal fibrosis in the picture can be discharged out.

To clean the blood, western medicine has hemodialysis.

To repair the damaged kidney cells Chinese herb bath therapy, foot bath therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help.

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