Diabetes with Creatinine 8.2: Is It Possible to Avoid Kidney Transplant

Diabetes with Creatinine 8.2: Is It Possible to Avoid Kidney TransplantDiabetes with Creatinine 8.2: Is It Possible to Avoid Kidney Transplant. I am a diabetes patient and now my creatinine level is 8.2, the doctor hope me to take kidney transplant, but i don't want to take it. I want to know is it possible for me to avoid such a surgery?

To be frankly, your current condition is quite serious at end-stage renal disease and most of renal function has been lost. If left untreated, your life will be in great risk. However, if you can adopt timely and systematic treatment to stop the disease’s further deterioration, you can get a chance to avoid kidney transplant.

In nowadays, Blood Pollution Therapy as a comprehensive treatment, it combines various blood purification techniques and traditional Chinese medicine remedies. Specific methods are chosen according to each person’s unique diagnosis.

In addition, there are also other treatments that can be used to help you avoid kidney transplant. Those options include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, cycle therapy, enema, full bath therapy, foot bath, moxibustion, oral Chinese herb medicine, etc.

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