Why Diabetes Patients are Easily to Face High Creatinine Level

Diabetic Nephropathy,Diabetes,High Creatinine LevelAs long as diabetes have to face high creatinine level now, they have to consider about that if they are developed into Diabetic Nephropathy.

At initial stage of kidney disease, creatinine clearance rate declines obviously but serum creatinine is still in normal range. Only when glomerular filtration rate (GFR) declines by over 50 percent, serum creatinine rises obviously. Hence high creatinine is a warning sign for severe kidney injury in Diabetics.

Why Diabetes causes high creatinine?

The earliest manifestation of diabetic kidney disease is an increased level of albumin in urine. Poor controlling or long-term of Diabetes can impair the filtering cells of the kidneys known as glomerulus. When glomerular cells are not functioning well, an excess amount of protein will escape into urine. The level of protein in urine increases with kidney condition worsening in prolonging disease course. High creatinine means an advanced stage of the disease. Many other wastes build up as well, such as blood urea nitrogen, PHT, etc, those toxins may affect gastrointestinal tract functions and damage heart, brain and other vital organs. This may be complicated with diabetic complications—such as nerve damage, eye disease, foot ulcers, etc, to worsen the illness condition. With high creatinine, doctors may prescribe certain medicines to control the symptom, supplement necessary amino acids and slow accumulation of toxins.

Furthermore, the high creatinine results from damaged kidneys, to treat the symptom, preventing further progression of kidney disease and protecting or improving injured kidney cells are key points. As of now, you may seek for combined treatments of western medicines and traditional Chinese medicines for optimal treatment effects.

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