CKD Patient’s Creatinine Level from 5 Rising to 7

CKD Patient’s Creatinine Level from 5 Rising to 7As a CKD patient, you must are familiar with the creatinine, which is a kind of waste that is produced by muscle. Usually, the creatinine can be discharged out of body with the healthy kidney. While once the kidney was damaged, it will fail to do it’s job. More and more creatinine will remain in the blood, so that is why your creatinine is rising gradually. What does it mean, if your creatinine level from 5 rising to 7?Contact our ONLINE ODCTOR and get the answer.

What does it mean, if your creatinine level from 5 rising to 7?

Due to the close relationship between creatinine and kidney function. We can divide CKD into 5 stages according to the creatinine level.

Stage 1: Scr<1.5mol/dl

Stage 2: 1.5mol/dl> Scr>2.0mol/dl

Stage 3: 2.1mol/dl> Scr>5.0mol/dl

Stage 4: 5.1mol/dl> Scr>7.9mol/dl

Stage 5: Scr>7.9mol/dl

From above, you can know creatinine 5 means stage 3 CKD, and creatinine 7 means stage 4 CKD. So we can get the answer, your condition have worsen to stage 4 CKD, which is so serious.

How to lower creatinine for CKD patients?

I am willing to introduce the Medicated Bath to you, which is a traditional Chinese medical therapy in china. This medicated bath is boiled by some of traditional Chinese medical herbs, so it is different from other bath. Through soaking in the hot medicated bath for a long time, the pores of the CKD patients will open completely. On the one hand, some of Chinese medicine can penetrate into internal body and repair some damaged kidney cells. On the other hand, the patients will sweat a lot, then a lot of creatinine will flow away with the sweat. And after you finishing this therapy, you will fell so warm and relax.

If you think our medicated bath is a good therapy to lower creatinine 5 or 7 for CKD patients. You can send emails to , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13383015760/13503211882, or communicate with us through the skype:abc.kidney.

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