Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Lowers Creatinine 6 no Dialysis

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Lowers Creatinine 6 no DialysisHow does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy lower Creatinine 6 without Dialysis? Dialysis will be suggested when kidneys fail to work properly. It can lower creatinine by removing accumulated wastes and toxins in body. But it can affect the patients’ life drastically. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a better option.

How does high creatinine level occur?

Nephrons are the basic functional units in kidneys. In normal condition, the nephrons can filter out wastes from blood and reabsorb useful from the filtrate. However, there is a variety of conditions and diseases which can impair the nephrons and cause loss of healthy nephrons. When there are not adequate healthy nephrons, the wastes will not be able to remove from body, thus resulting in high creatinine.

Creatinine level does not increase until more than half of renal function is lost. The normal range of creatinine is between 0.6~1.3. Creatinine 6 is associated with very significant kidney damage. Dialysis will be suggested if the patients show very serious discomforts and symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc. But not all people with creatinine 6 will be prescribed to start dialysis.

When is the best time to start dialysis?

High creatinine is the result of nephrons damage. Therefore, to lower creatinine 6 without dialysis, patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired nephrons to increase the number of healthy nephrons.

How to restore the impaired nephrons with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

As a matter of fact, there is no such a treatment in traditional western medicine.

The combined therapy of Chinese medicine and western medicine can bring about an enormous treatment outcome. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can not only purify blood by removing all wastes and toxins to create a favorable internal environment for repairing the impaired nephrons, but also can activate the self-healing system to regenerate the impaired nephrons, thus increasing the number of healthy nephrons.

As long as kidney works more efficiently, creatinine 6 will be lowered naturally. If you want to lower high creatinine or avoid dialysis naturally, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR freely.

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